As one of the oldest Residential Colleges in the country, St Margaret's has a long, proud history. It has kept abreast of educational and social needs and many of its former residents hold important positions in many locations around the world.

The College is named after St Margaret, Queen of Scotland. The motto of the College is "altiora in votis", which can be translated as "set your heart on higher things.”

The College exists for its Members, and their welfare is its main concern. Through its Welfare Staff, it provides a supportive family atmosphere. Through its tutors and academic facilities, it provides academic help. Through its Residents’ Association, it provides companionship, cultural, musical, sporting, and social opportunities. Its graceful, warm buildings are the environment within which this takes place.

The College is a comfortable home with warm rooms, good food, and congenial company. It is a caring environment where individuals do not denigrate the beliefs of others and where no one feels discriminated against by virtue of their gender, race, orientation, or religion.

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