St Margaret’s has an impressive academic record, being a top choice for many Health Science first year students. The College runs tutorials for a large number of first year courses, and even a few for second year papers. In addition second year students hold mentor groups to help answer questions and point students toward other helpful resources.

St Margaret’s College envisions University as a place for a holistic education, so also runs language 'suppers' to help continue proficiency in multiple languages (such as Māori, Japanese, German, and French ).

St Margaret's is the only College in Dunedin to offer Science and Arts Breakfasts. These are breakfasts held most weeks that offer an overview of science concepts for arts students and social science concepts for science students run by Professors from the University.

The College also runs Academic Breakfasts where students get to meet University Staff and Professors in a more relaxed, informal setting to discuss their area of expertise and interests.