Student Executive

All Members of the College belong to our Residents' Association, which promotes the life of St Margaret's. An elected Executive Committee manages a budget that is used for activities to welcome new Members, and to fund or subsidise events all residents can take part in during the year.

The Student Exec organises the College’s social calendar for the year, looking after things such as ski-trip, annual ball, Southgate Trophy, Iona Trophy, theme dinners, inter-floor competitions and other events. They are also in charge of Sky for the wide screen TV and running the student canteen. In line with the College’s ethos, the Exec also supports a child through World Vision. If need be, the Exec can be your voice to the Master and/or College Council.

2017 Residents' Association Executive Committee

2017 Xavier

Xavier Cyril Parackal

2017 Yi Biao

Yi Biao Ang

Vice President
2017 Morgan

Morgan Cashmore

Arts rep
2017 Brittany

Brittany Jones

Cultural rep
2017 Daniel

Daniel Zhang

Food rep
2017 Nicola

Nicola-Mary Geraghty

2017 Emma

Emma Stewart

Social rep
2017 Yezen

Yezen Kubba

Sports rep
2017 Isabel

Isabel Chen

Brittany Muiznieks

Brittany Muiznieks

1st year rep (female)
FB IMG 1490927546016

Souhei Chan

1st year rep (male)