Welfare Staff

St Margaret's College has eleven Welfare Staff Members, one per floor. These are senior students who provide pastoral and academic support to their floor and help with the smooth running of the College. They can be approached at any time with problems or general questions.

The Welfare Staff assist in ensuring the well being of all Members by providing advice and help on personal and academic matters. Welfare Staff are responsible for monitoring standards of behaviour and taking appropriate disciplinary measures.

In addition, three House Managers are responsible for Clyde and Thorpe houses, as well as the main-building student apartment. They also have authority to act as Welfare Staff members when required.

2017 Welfare Staff and House Managers

Senior Welfare Staff

Hannah Brown

2017 Hannah

From Invercargill
Studying Law

Kia ora fam! I’m Hannah, a third year Law student with some Spanish and Psyc on the side. I’m not very good at being quiet cause of my obsession with loud music, oops. I tend to bake a lot, as to feed my unhealthy addiction to sugar. Oh and the only other thing you need to know about me is I’m totally in love with water; whether it be the beach, a pool, rivers or waterfalls . . . they are all my favourites. Can’t wait to see all your beaming faces, bring it on 2017!!

JB Kim

From Christchurch
Studying Medicine

Kia Ora! I’m JB and I'm 3rd year medicine. I come from the most exciting city in New Zealand - Christchurch. I enjoy taking pictures of things, playing guitar, and having quality banters. St Margaret’s has been home for me the last 2 years, and I am excited to come back for my 3rd and meet all you folks. Peace.

2017 JB

Sandra Mathew

2017 Sandra

From South Auckland
Studying Biomedical Science

Hola amigos! My name is Sandra and I'll be part of this amazing welfare staff team for 2017. I'm a third year Biomedical Science student and if you ever want to spin a good yarn or jam some music I'm your gal! Talking about life, spice and anything nice is my hobby so I'm looking forward to meeting you all in 2017!

Welfare Staff

Anthony Goh

2017 Anthony
From Christchurch
Studying Medicine

Hey everyone! I'm Anthony and I'm from Christchurch, the wonderful Garden City of the South Island! This will be my second year at St. Margs and I'll be studying 2nd year medicine. In my spare time, I like to read, watch TV, exercise and hang with friends. I've had an amazing time in Margs last year and I look forward to another great year in 2017!

Divya Jogia

From Hamilton
Studying Pharmacy

Hey! I’m Divya and I’m in the final year of my Pharmacy degree. I am from the humdrum of a city, Hamilton, but St Margaret’s College has been my humble abode for the last three years. I look forward to another amazing year here, as a Welfare staff member. I’m really excited to meet you guys and super keen to see what 2017 will bring!

2017 Divya

James Olliver

2017 James
From Christchurch
Studying Geology, Anthropology, and Media

Hey all! I'm James and I hail from Christchurch. In 2017 I will be studying Geology, Anthropology and Media, which I know is an odd mix. I'm a bit of a nerd, or a lot of a nerd depending on how you look at it, so I love movies, comics and everything Star Wars. I can't to meet a whole bunch of you and having some good times at Margs and hopefully a few adventures in Dunedin. Hope you all have a stellar year in 2017 and I look forward to the fond memories to come.

Likhit Dukkipati

From Palmerston North
Studying Microbiology and immunology

Gidday! I’m Likhit and I am a 2nd year student studying microbiology and immunology. Born in India, raised in Palmerston North and studying in Dunedin is my life story so far. I love sport and actively play Cricket, Badminton and Tennis when time permits. What I enjoy the most is a good yarn with people and settling down to a nice book on quiet evenings. Being Welfare staff will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. I am eager to catch up with the returners and meet all the first years and have pleasant and memorable adventures this year :)

2017 Likhit

Mehrbano Malik

2017 Mehrbano
From Wellington
Studying Politics and anatomy

Hi there! I'm Mehrbano and I'm studying Politics and Anatomy. I'm from windy Wellington and this will be my second year down in Dunners. I like playing the piano, writing, and patting dogs in the street. I had a great time at Margs last year, and 2017's going to be even better!

Rowan McComish

From Christchurch
Studying Medicine

Hey guys, I'm a second year from Christchurch and i’ll be studying med this year. I really enjoy tramping and the outdoors in general, but I also like spending (probably too much) time on the computer. Life is too short to be taken seriously so let's make 2017 the best year possible

2017 Rowan

Sarah McQueen

2017 Sarah
From Auckland
Studying Biomedical Science

Hi, I’m Sarah and my hometown would be Devonport, in the city of sails, Auckland. 2017 will be my 3rd year at Otago and 2nd year as a St Margaret’s welfare staff member because I enjoyed my year last year too much to leave. When it's not time for study, I love running, highland dancing, hanging with friends and watching way too many movies. I can’t wait to meet everyone in 2017 and to find out what the year holds for us all.

Yizhou Liu

From Hamilton
Studying Biomedical Science

Hi guys! My name is Yizhuo, or if it helps Valery is fine too. I’m from the good old swamp of the mighty Waikato - Hamilton. It will be my 11th year in the beautiful Aotearoa where I’ll be pursuing my passion in yet another year at Otago University and St Margaret’s College. I’ve had an awesome time at Margs for the past 2 years and returning as Welfare as I want to make sure you have a brilliant time too. Can’t wait to meet you all! I’m sure it will be a thrilling ride and a brand new chapter that is yet to come. Cheers to a great 2017.

2017 Yizhou

Apartment Manager

Abby Fowler

From Blenheim
Studying Biomedical Science

Clyde House Manager

Melania Napa'a

From Auckland
Studying Law

Thorpe House Manager

Mary Hawkes

From Auckland
Studying Science