Each of us who enters St Margaret's becomes a Member of the College and an important part of a special community. All of us are given a room, academic facilities and support. In return we look out for the best interests of fellow Members. We each have a stake in the College and therefore a real motivation to develop a comfortable, caring, family atmosphere.


Each year we actively look for students who can join us and enhance our Membership. We would like to invite you to apply to become a Member. We're not elitist, or focused solely on academics. Rather we are hoping to find students who have a proven application to work, and a commitment to helping others.

All Members of College are studying at the University of Otago.

Mix of Students

University education is about a mixing of ideas and cultures. In order to foster this, St. Margaret’s chooses students who collectively create a mix of religious, cultural and racial backgrounds. For the most part, these echo the University ratios.

Members' Handbook

Our Handbook is a comprehensive document. Please do not be put off by this. It is designed to give students an idea of the ethos, running, and rules of the College. The Member's Handbook is a copyrighted document, please respect this.

Download the Members' Handbook

Accommodation for parents

Should you be accepted to St. Margaret's your parents may want to travel with you at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate them, however there are plenty of other choices of accommodation that they can choose from. We recommend the University's Executive Residence just down the road.