2018 President and Vice-President elected

On Saturday, 9 September, after a creative and impressive election campaign, College Members voted in Brittany Muiznieks and Souhei Chan as the new President and Vice-President respectively of the Executive Committee for 2018.

We think a record has been set in the election of Brittany and Souhei: the first time that both current First-year Reps on the Executive have been elected as President and Vice-President!

The College warmly congratulations Brittany and Souhei, and looks forward to working with them in the New Year.

The following photographs provide a little glimpse into the election campaign which included speeches at 4 pm on Saturday , 9 September by each of the candidates for President (5 candidates) and Vice-President (2 candidates).

Voting occurred immediately after dinner that night with results available soon after voting closed. In accordance with College tradition, at approximately 7.45 pm, the new President and Vice-President were introduced to the Master and his wife at their residence by the current President (Xavier Parackal), Vice-President (Yi Biao Ang) and Secretary (Nicola-Mary Geraghty). As Secretary, Nicola-Mary also organised the nomination and election processes, a task that she undertook thoroughly and efficiently.

With the president elections behind us, nominations will open soon for the remaining seven members of the 2018 Executive, followed by a further election campaign over the next few weeks before voting occurs.

(Story by Dr Charles Tustin, Master)

Posted: Sunday September 10, 2017