Inaugural art competition

The brainchild of the 2017 Exec President, Xavier Parackal, the College's inaugural Art Competition was held on Sunday, 10 September.

And what a wonderful event it was. There were two parts to the  competition: a painting section and a photography section. The general theme was "Dunedin Student Lifestyle".

The painting section was won by Sera Rawson while Emily Jiang won the photography section. Their work will be permanently displayed on College walls for all to enjoy in the future. Competition judges were local artist, Steev Peyroux, and Managing Director of The Artists Room, Michelle Chalklin-Sinclair.

All submitted art was on display in the Valentine Common Room for Members to view immediately after our usual Formal Dinner. Special guest at  Dinner was talented cellist, Dr Heleen du Plessis, of the University's Department of Music, who "spoke cello" to an enthralled audience.

Accompanying this article are some photos taken on the night of the Art Competition. The art was fabulous, confirming that College Members are amazingly talented.

Other prize winners in the competition were:

  • 2nd place (painting) - Nathaniel Stock
  • 3rd place (painting) - Nicola-Mary Geraghty
  • People's choice (painting) - Asha Mamgain
  • 2nd place (photography) - Valery Liu
  • 3rd place (photography) - Likhit Dukkipati
  • People's choice (photography) - Valery Liu

Thank you to all Members who participated in the Competition, and to Exec President Xavier Parackal who came up with the idea and brought it to fruition.

I'm hoping that the Art Competition will become an annual event for St Margaret's, providing our Members with a further opportunity to exercise their considerable talents.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Thursday September 14, 2017