Sun and study at St Margaret's

A wonderful sunny and warm day on Thursday, 19 October has enticed our studying students outside.

The end-of-year examination period started yesterday (18 October) and right on cue the weather played ball this morning serving a magnificent day that only Dunedin can turn on! As I write this, the outside temperature  is a warm 20 degrees, there's hardly a breeze blowing, and the sun is glorious. And another nice day is forecast to look forward to tomorrow.

This perfect weather has encouraged many St Margaret's Members to venture away from the Library or their rooms to the outdoors. Some enjoyed having lunch in our lovely courtyard (yes, we allow this!) and this afternoon others are making the most of the lovely sunshine to do a spot of studying on our lawns or in the courtyard as the accompanying photos attest.

Although I have to be indoors working away, I am thoroughly enjoying the view from my large office window (see photo). I think it will be difficult to replicate this in too many other offices! Lovely fresh green leaves and lawn, colourful flowers, sun's rays shimmering on the leaves...

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Thursday October 19, 2017