New entrance sign for College

The College is very grateful to the 2017 Executive Committee for their generous gift of a new sign which was installed this week at the main entrance to the College.

A sign of this size and weight (100 kg) is a long time in the making - it was ordered four months ago - but the wait was definitely worthwhile. In the view of the College Council's Vice-President, the new sign is "very impressive and has an air of distinction about it!"

It took three strong men to lift it and put it in place early in the morning of 13 December 2017. In addition to the College's name in both English and Māori, the year of the College's founding (1911) has been added to reflect the long history of St Margaret's. The sign was made and installed by local Dunedin company, Brandwell Moller.

The College expresses its sincere appreciation to the 2017 Executive Committee for this wonderful long-lasting gift.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Friday December 15, 2017