Welcome message from the College Leaders

The College is looking forward to opening day on Saturday, 17 February 2018 when we will welcome 125 first-year Members and 99 returning Members. The College Leaders have penned a special welcoming message for them:

"Welcome to St Margaret’s College!

We are your College Leaders at St Margaret’s College for this year. We wanted to briefly inform you about our roles and about what to expect upon your arrival to the College.

There are 13 of us in the College, one living on each of the 11 floors and one in each of the two houses. Though there will be a specific leader for your floor, we are all available to talk to you at any point.

As College Leaders, we are here to help you with any problems or queries you may have - nothing is too minor! 

We also organise floor events for you to participate in throughout the year. The details of the events will be conveyed to you at your first floor meeting.

When you first arrive at the College, we will be in the front foyer ready to greet you, show you to your room and help you get settled into the College. We know that for most of you this is your first time away from home, but we are here to make your transition to university a little less stressful.

We look forward to seeing you soon!"

(for more information about each College Leader, please go to our website at https://stmargarets.college/about/people/leaders/)

Posted: Saturday February 10, 2018