Inter-college Sports Competition in full swing

The University's Inter-college Sports Competition got underway just after Easter and, like last year, St Margaret's Members are taking part in the first semester's netball, soccer and volleyball competitions.

I've been along to watch most of the games played so far and am very impressed with not only the  skills but also the camaraderie and enthusiasm of the players. Everyone enjoys themselves thoroughly.

The soccer games are played on Saturdays at Logan Park while the netball and volleyball games take place at Unipol, Teachers College Gym or Smithells Gym.

The St Margaret's supporters club is also very much in evidence at most games, encouraging the players along. Last night at volleyball was no exception, with a good crew offering wonderful vocal support to the teams. The team taking part in the competitive part of the volleyball competition have won both their games so far and are leading the league table.

Accompanying this brief story are some photos taken over the last couple of weeks at the various games I've attended.

(Story by the Master,  Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Monday April 23, 2018