Mystery Bus Trip a huge success

On Saturday 21 April, the Colleges Student Executive organised a Mystery Bus Trip for the first-year Members of the College.

At St. Margaret’s College, we have an annual Mystery Bus Trip that involves taking the first-year Members on a trip to visit various locations around Dunedin.

Last year as a first-year health science student, I was not able to explore Dunedin city. Due to academic pressures, there were times when I felt that the only places I went to were lectures and St. Margaret’s College. I felt very disappointed that I could not take a break and explore what Dunedin really had to offer.

That is why I wanted this Mystery Bus Trip to provide an opportunity for the first-year residents to explore Dunedin, where they might not have the time or money to do so.

This year, our Mystery Bus Trip was heavily focused on locations and sights compared to the activity-based trip last year. This is because I wanted people to know Dunedin isn’t only about the campus and College, but that there are so many places with astonishing views and history.

The  three mystery locations this year were: Baldwin Street, Larnach Castle and Tunnel Beach.

Firstly, I thought Baldwin Street would be a great location to show the students. We had them racing up the hill, soon to discover the reason why it has been named the steepest street in the world. Many tourists had taken out their cameras to capture our ambitious actions.

Secondly, Larnach Castle was a great choice for appreciating the history of Dunedin. The tour guide gave us a well-detailed explanation of the owners of the Castle and the sombre drama that surrounded this building.

Finally, Tunnel Beach was a great way to end the day as it had the most amazing views I’ve ever seen. Even though the clouds had masked the sky, we could still see the beautiful tinge of the ocean as well as the powerful waves that crashed against the cliff.

To finish off the trip we had some fine dining at our favourite restaurants, such as Burger King, Wendy’s, and Subway.

To conclude, I want to thank all the Executive Members who helped me prepare this event and all who participated.

Enjoy the accompanying photos taken during our trip. As you will see, great fun was had by all.

(Story by Souhei Chan, Vice-President, Student Executive)

Posted: Monday May 14, 2018