Cellists play in NZ Music Month

The College's two cellists took part in a special lunchtime concert marking NZ Music Month in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery on Tuesday, 29 May.

During the month of May, students from the University of Otago's Department of Music, Theatre & Performing Arts have been giving free Tuesday lunchtime performance in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. And on 29 May it was the turn of four cellists who included their teacher Dr Heleen du Plessis and the College's two cellists, Tessa Dalgety-Evans and Ellen Walters.

What a wonderful hour of cello music it was. To begin, a number of beautiful choir pieces were played by all four cellists after which the audience was treated to a number of solo pieces by Tessa and Ellen plus a beautiful duet. They are both very talented young people and it is marvellous to have them as Members of the College where they often share their music with us!

Tessa is in her first year of combined Bachelor of Music (Performance) and Bachelor of Arts (English) degrees while Ellen is in her second year of the same two degrees majoring in Performance and Māori Studies. Ellen also serves as the Arts Rep on the College's Student Executive Committee.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Tuesday May 29, 2018