College cuddle fix delights

Members of the college were able to kick back and relax on Sunday night (10 June 2018) with five tiny visitors from Cat Rescue Dunedin.

The kittens were a much-appreciated stress relief for us all amidst the busy exam period. For a gold coin donation, we were treated to a ten-minute session with the five-week old kittens who seemed to equally enjoy the attention. They were full of personality and kept everyone entertained, however some preferred to adopt a human to cuddle up with for a nap.

Not only did everyone have a great time, but the donations given ($126.70) went towards a very good cause in helping Cat Rescue Dunedin  (formerly known as the Animal Rescue Network NZ) to look after the animals they take in.

It is safe to say that the ‘cuddle fix’ was the highlight of the weekend for many Members, some saying; “I’m a cat person so I really, really loved the session” and “it was a great break and it should have been longer”. One member said that “it’s the single best thing that’s happened to me since I came to Otago”.

The kittens were a great chance to take a break from studying, and to help us look after our wellbeing during the busy exam period. Thank you to fellow Member Rowan Simmons for organising such a wonderful event, and to Cat Rescue Dunedin for taking the time to bring along the very special guests.

Judging by the kittens’ popularity (see accompanying photos - they are adorable), I believe everyone would have been very glad to have five very cute, additional members of St Margaret’s College.

PS As a charitable trust solely dependent on donations and volunteers, Cat Rescue Dunedin welcomes your support.

Posted: Tuesday June 12, 2018