College Leaders for 2019 decided

Following a recruitment and selection process, the College is pleased to announce the appointment of next year's 13 College Leaders.

The College Leaders for 2019 are:  Keerthana Ananth, Isabella Barnett, Josiah Bugden, Libby Christophers, Abida Denny, Laurie Duncan, Jemma Elley, Alex McLellan, Thomas Morgan, Niamh O'Donnell, Priya Patel, Rose Wu and Ashish Yadav. The College warmly congratulates them all.

Three of the College Leaders will be undertaking the role for a second year: Keerthana Ananth, Isabella Barnett and Priya Patel.

The Selection Committee was very impressed with the high calibre of applicants which made for an extremely competitive selection process. The Master is very grateful to College Fellows Assoc Prof Maree Thyne (Marketing), Prof Darryl Tong (Dentistry) and Prof Sarah Young (Pathology) for serving on the Selection Committee.

The role of a College Leader is hugely important for the College. Their prime function is to assist the Master in the leadership of the College by providing a welcoming, homely, caring, supportive and sought-after environment in which Members can thrive in all respects (academically, personally and socially).

(Story by the Master,  Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Monday September 10, 2018