Executive Committee for 2019 elected

Following the earlier election of the President and Vice-President of the College's Students' Association, the remaining seven office bearers have been chosen by College Members.

All Members of the College belong to our Students’ Association, which promotes the sporting, arts, cultural and social life of the College and acts as a liaison group between Members and Staff.

On behalf of the Association, an elected Executive Committee (usually referred to as the Exec) organises a wide variety of events during the year including orientation week activities, the annual ball, sports, ski trip, cultural activities, Sunday Formal Dinner music performances, theme dinners, floor competitions, annual College photos, the canteen, etc.

In the week prior to election day of Saturday, 29 September, nominees embarked on an intensive election campaign which included many creative and clever posters which were put up on bedroom doors around the College (see the accompanying photos for some of the posters).

The College congratulates the following Members on their election to the Students' Association Executive Committee for 2019:

  • President: Bronté Chamberlain
  • Vice-President: Tetushiro Konishi
  • Secretary: Eloise Stevens
  • Treasurer: Dexin Kong
  • Social Representative: Lauren Phang
  • Sports Representative: Jeffrey Lai
  • Arts Representative: Tessa Dalgety-Evans
  • Cultural Representative: Millan Keshaw
  • Food Representative: Michael Zhang

The Exec plays a hugely important role in the life of the College, as the functions they arrange bring the College together and help make St Margaret’s a vibrant community.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Thursday October 4, 2018