Goodbye College Leaders

The final "meeting" of the year with this year's College Leaders was held on the lawn opposite the Museum Reserve enjoying Rob Roy ice creams.

On a nice sunny Dunedin day, who wants to be stuck indoors? And what better way to end off a busy year than to enjoy the famous ice creams outside on a nice green lawn?

Every Tuesday at 6.30 pm throughout the year, the College Leaders and I met for our weekly business meeting. This week, however, being the final week of exams and the College fairly empty already, a formal meeting wasn't exactly necessary and it didn't take much to persuade the team that an ice cream excursion would be a pleasant alternative.

It's been a really busy year and time has flown. It feels just like yesterday that the team and I were starting off the year with our training programme at the end of January. And now, here we are, saying farewell to each other. College Leaders will leave on Sunday, 11 November together with those remaining Members who write their last exams on the 10th.

Thank you, College Leaders, for a great year!

Posted: Wednesday November 7, 2018