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The Inter-college Musical Jam 2019 took place in front of a large and enthusiastic audience in the University's Marama Hall on Sunday, 7 April at 7.30 pm with five St Margaret's Members performing four items.

It is wonderful being part of a community such as St Margaret's with so many talented young musicians which meant that there was absolutely no difficulty in obtaining registrations from Members for this year's Jam. In fact, St Margaret's had the highest number of performances (four) with most of the other colleges having just one or two items.

Expertly organised and MC'd by our very own Arts Representative on the Students' Executive Committee, Tessa Dalgety-Evans, herself an accomplished cellist, and George Connolly, our Dean of Students, the entire evening went wonderfully well.

Items presented by St Margaret's Members were:

  • 'Tone It Down', an original composition of Alex Dykes. As a guitarist and composer, this piece was named after Alex's mum always telling him to "Tone it down!”
  • 'Medicine', an original song of Mads Harrop, a music student, that speaks of the importance of music for humankind
  • Brittany Spear's well-known 'Toxic', performed by Gigi Jamodien accompanied by guitarist Alex Dykes
  •  Adele's classic 'Someone Like You', sung by Anna Domett and accompanied by pianist Abhinath Berry who is studying classical piano performance and music

Performances by other colleges on the night included jazz standard Fly me to the moon (University College), Maggot Brain (Toroa College), Abba's Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Hayward College) and George Michael's Careless Whisper (also Hayward College).

All in all, a pleasant evening's entertainment!

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Wednesday April 10, 2019