Our talented artists

The College was placed joint first in the recent Inter-college Visual Arts Competition held on Sunday, 14 April 2019.

Member Anna Domett won the photography section and Marc Cadiven's amazing painting of an autumn tree was placed second in the painting section.

Other entries from St Margaret's were Katrina Young's wonderful photographs and Dante Fouché's incredible painting.

This year the time of the competition was "150th" given that the University is celebrating it's 150th anniversary. The theme was completely open for interpretation with a descriptive blurb being required for each entry.

Anna's description to accompany her five photographs read as follows: "Time can be so unbelievably fleeting to stand so dependable and stoic for 150 years, watching so many people, live, learn and move onto great things is a truly amazing thing."

Marc had the following to say about his painting: "This painting symbolises change and looking into the future. The changing leaves and the warm light of the setting sun may make us feel that time is passing but it is important to remember that despite this season of autumn, there will eventually be a time when the leaves come and grow back into the tree, With the 150th anniversary of the University, this is very similar to what happens each year of the University. Students come and they leave at the end of the year but there will eventually be a time when the students will come back to the University. Despite this, new branches can still grow and a new fruit can always come just as how new people in the University can contribute to the University's growth and change throughout the year."

There were four categories in the competition, namely photography, painting, drawing and other.

Well done to all St Margaret's entrants for their superb work which is displayed in the accompanying images.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Monday April 15, 2019