College Leaders 2020

Following a recruitment and selection process, the College is pleased to announce the appointment of next year's 13 College Leaders.

They are: Noor Batra, Libby Christophers, Laurie Duncan,  Alex Dykes, Liam Hewson, Minyoung Kim, Alex McLellan, Nupur Mohini, Niamh O'Donnell, Dikshya Parajuli, Dineth Rajapakse, Liri Salz and Joshua Smith.  The College warmly congratulates them all.

St Margaret's College Leaders for 2020

Four of the College Leaders will be undertaking the role for a second year, namely Laurie , Libby  Alex (McLennan) and Niamh.  Six of the new team will be third-year students: the four returning College Leaders plus Noor and Dikshya.

The Master is very grateful to the College's Dean of Students, George Connolly, and College Fellows Assoc Prof Maree Thyne (Marketing) and Prof Sarah Young (Pathology) for their assistance on the Selection Committee.

Of all the Colleges at the University of Otago, St Margaret's has the lowest ratio of Members to College Leaders with an average of 16.23 Members per College Leader. This signifies how important the role of a College Leader is for St Margaret's.  Their prime function is to assist the Master in the leadership of the College by providing a welcoming, homely, caring, supportive and sought-after environment in which Members can thrive in all respects (academically, personally and socially).

I look forward to working with the team in 2020.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Tuesday August 27, 2019