That tree

"Nature bends under the force of man". This is the clever caption that College Leader Ashish Yadav entered in the recent Inter-college Literary Competition to accompany the above photograph of that famous tree in Lake Wanaka.

Ashish's entry won him third place in the caption category of the competition, the overall theme of which was Sustainability.

Ashish Yadav

The other two categories in the competition were poem (haiku) and and open letter to future, past or present generations. Members of St Margaret's College entered all three categories.

Inter-college Literary Competition, 18 August 2019

Some of the other captions entered by St Margaret's Members for the Wanaka tree were the following:

  • No caption needed - Laurie Duncan
  • Silent companion - Keerthana Ananth
  • There will always be hope amidst trouble - Angelica Clarke
  • Going, going, gone - Libby Christophers
  • A picture is worth a thousand words - Laurie Duncan
  • Not captured, 80 tourists behind the camera - Laurie Duncan
  • The last of his kind, he cowers from his exploiters- Ashish Yadav
  • As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I behold the last withering soul"  - Ashish Yadav
  • The lone fighters - Libby Christophers
  • Damp tree - Laurie Duncan
  • One tree, not many birds  - Laurie Duncan
  • Willow but not a willow - Mee Hwa Atimalala
  • Alone (is not sustainable) - Libby Christophers and Rose Wu
  • As nature bends, man buckles - Rose Wu
  • It's a tree - Anisha Chandra
  • Man and tree - Erfan Shamshirgaran
  • #candid - Priya Patel
  • Crooked reflections - Kevin Chen
  • Ignorance is bleak - Libby Christophers

The creativity of our young people is marvellous. All the captions are worthy of a prize! Well done St Margaret's Members.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Tuesday August 27, 2019