Cultural talent shared and celebrated

The Student Executive hosted a marvellous Showcase Concert, inviting staff and Members to enjoy the wide array of cultural talent at St Margaret's.

On the evening of Wednesday, 22 May, a Showcase Concert was organised by Tessa Dalgety-Evans, the Arts Representative on our Student Executive. 

The primary purpose of the evening was to share the amazing talent of our members with our administrative, housekeeping, kitchen, and buildings and maintenance staff. All who attended were treated to a fantastic evening and left blown away by the talent. 

Performances included:

  • Reagan Dunphy playing an acoustic Metallica cover on classical guitar. 
  • Fraser Reynolds performing a Green Day song with piano and vocals. 
  • Wanli Cheng stunning the crowd with some outstanding magic tricks (assisted by Dr Tustin, Master of St Margaret's, and his wife, Brenda). 
  • Kevin Chen provided an outstanding saxophone performance. 
  • Alex Dykes gave an energetic vocal and instrumental performance.
  •  The College's choir beautifully sang a number performed for a graduation ceremony recently.
  • Alex Kay moved the crowd with an outstanding and original spoken word. 
  • Kirsten Du Plooy performed a solo dance with a range of choreography learnt with the Otago Dance Association. 
  • Gigi Jamodien sang a Lana Del Ray cover, accompanied on the piano by Elisia Teo. 
  • Anna Domett sang an Adele cover, accompanied on the piano by Abhinath Berry.
  • The College's Maori and Pasifika group performed their item from the Inter-college Maori and Pasifika evening held in May.

The College would like to thank Tessa and all those who performed for a wonderful evening of entertainment. 

(Story by the Dean of Students, George Connolly)

Posted: Tuesday June 4, 2019