For Alumni, Fellows and Council Members

As we prepare for our Valedictory Dinner on 6 October, we reflect on the events and activities we've enjoyed at the College this year.

I trust that the articles provided in this spring edition of my newsletter to Fellows, Council  Members and Alumni will give you a good sense of what Members have been busy with this year. Of course, they have also applied themselves to their academic studies (very important!) but at the same time expanded their minds and repertoire of skills in other valuable ways.

You'll be interested to know that 55% of our 2019 Members applied to return to the College next year. Offers were made to the vast majority of them and 106 have accepted which means that the remaining 118 rooms will be filled with new Members for 2020.

We've recently completed the selection process for our 2020 group of 13 College Leaders (see an accompanying article) and over the past weekend the Members elected their President (Remin Reji Mathew) and Vice-President (Jessica Ruck) for next year.

Exams are due to begin in four weeks' time and so, before we know it, we'll be bidding farewell to the 2019 cohort. The years seem to be getting shorter...

In conclusion, I'd like to thank you for your continued interest in, and support of, the College. We greatly appreciate it.

Enjoy reading this Spring newsletter.

Best wishes

Dr Charles Tustin

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Posted: Wednesday September 18, 2019