Kittens bring smiles during exams

During the semester one exam season, Cat Rescue Dunedin brought kittens to the College to provide a well-deserved study break for Members.

In the peak of the exam season, the College was very fortunate to have Cat Rescue Dunedin come to our College, bringing with them three very small, adorable, and extremely cuddly kittens. 

This was an immensely popular event and much looked forward to. Over 70 Members signed up to the evening, booking out all available times within a few hours. Members found that the kittens were the perfect way to let go of the exam stress and take a break from their revision.  Their smiles in the accompanying photos say it all...

Cat Rescue Dunedin at St Margaret's College — Image by: Josiah Bugden

Cat Rescue Dunedin is a local charity that functions to support the abandoned and wild-born cats living in Dunedin. They have a network of foster families that look after cats until they can find a permanent family. During their time with their foster family, kittens are often involved with events such as this to help them learn how to socialise. 

The College would like to thank Cat Rescue Dunedin for organising this event. We look forward to working with them in the future!

(Story by the Dean of Students, George Connolly)

Posted: Tuesday July 2, 2019