Back to School Dinner

On Saturday, 27 July, the Norris Dining Hall was transformed into a classroom by the Student Executive for a wonderful "back to school" themed dinner.

On the evening of our Communication Cup, we were treated to a memorable themed dinner organised by the Student Executive. 

Members dressed in their school uniforms.  

Fitting with the theme of "back to school", Members dressed in their old school uniforms (it was fascinating seeing collections from all over the world), tables were laid out in rows facing the "teacher's desk" (the Top Table), and there was even a fun pop quiz on St Margaret's College history. 

Members complete the pop quiz

We were lucky enough to be joined by our guest judges for the Communication Cup, Associate Professor Lisa McNeill and Professor John Reynolds. 

Thank you to the Student Executive for a wonderful evening!

(Written by the Dean of Students, George Connolly)

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Posted: Tuesday August 13, 2019