School stationery donated to needy Romanian children

The month of May was International Outreach Month at St Margaret's with many Members participating in a very worthwhile project.

Organised by College Leader Alex McLennan, the project involved asking College Members to donate stationery items - pencils, crayons, pens, erasers, chalk, etc - so that needy children in poorer areas of Romania could attend school. The project formed part of the College's community service endeavours this year, which usually include at least one with an international focus.

Romanian Outreach Poster — Image by: Alex McLennan

In 2018, College Members donated just over $5,000 for the Kayima Clinic in north-eastern Sierra Leone in Africa. This year, the focus turned to Romania where there is still a sizeable population of very need children, many of whom have been abandoned and are in special care.

College Members were quick to respond and in the space of a month a large variety of easily transportable (in suitcases!) stationery items were very kindly donated. In the photo below, College Leaders Alex McLennan and Laurie Duncan sit amongst the items before packing them up.

College Leaders Alex McLennan (L) and Laurie Duncan (R), 5 June 2019

It was a pleasure for me to hand over two large green St Margaret's College cloth bags full of stationery to Wendy Bowman , a fellow Rotarian, on Wednesday, 5 June. Wendy is visiting Romania at the end June and will personally hand over the donated items to the organisation Firm Foundations Romania which supports needy children.

Dr Charles Tustin (Master) and Wendy Bowman, 5 June 2019 — Image by: Dr Ron Palenski

I would to extend my sincere thanks to Alex McLennan for organising the project and all those Members and Staff who kindly donated an item or two or three. It is greatly appreciated.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

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Posted: Thursday June 6, 2019