A week full of action

Life in a residential college such as St Margaret's is more than just about academic studies. For example, take a look at the following list of activities that Members participated in over just the last week or so, including a bunch of photos and two videos below.

  • Saturday, 25 July: Inter-college Netball Competition (we entered two teams)
  • Sunday, 26 July: Inter-college Chess Competition (we had two teams and came second)
  • Sunday, 26 July: Formal Dinner with three special guests, including a pre- and a post-dinner gathering
  • Tuesday, 28 July: Electoral roll registration drive in anticipation of the upcoming elections
  • Tuesday, 28 July: An information session for all our international/overseas students regarding the Covid-19 situation and their end-of-year plans
  • Wednesday, 29 July: Expert Breakfast with Prof David Bilkey (Dept of Psychology)
  • Thursday, 30 July: Inter-college Debating Competition (round 3) which we hosted and won (speaking for the affirmative regarding charging quarantine fees to New Zealanders returning home)
  • Friday, 31 July: Filming and launch of the College's new marketing video (click below to view). We are very excited about this!
  • Friday, 31 July to Sunday, 2 August: Annual ski trip to Queenstown (60 Members participated)
  • Sunday, 2 August: Inter-college Cultural Performance (we entered an Indo-Nepali blend dance item straight from Desi Land with three of our Members taking part; they were amazing; see their video below)

And of course, in between all of the above, there are the usual University classes and labs, and College tutorials in the evenings, to attend, plus tests to write and assignments to complete.

Being a Member of St Margaret's is clearly an exciting and interesting experience! And there's more to come in the following weeks...

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

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Posted: Tuesday August 4, 2020