UNICEF movie night at St Margaret's

Last week the College hosted a special Mamma Mia! movie night organised by UNICEF Students Otago.

UNICEF Students Otago is a student-led club at the University which supports the United Nations Children's Fund. The Club raises money for children and families worldwide who are in need, helping to provide medicine, clean water, food, education and many other necessities.

UNICEF Movie Night, 28/4/21

This year's Club President is Niamh O'Donnell, a fourth-year Member of St Margaret's and a third-year College Leader.

UNICEF Movie Night, 28/4/21

The movie night, held at 7 pm on Wednesday, 28 April in the College's Valentine Common Room (VCR) was very well attended with plenty of popcorn and soda making for a real movie experience. It was the Club's first fundraiser of the year, with all proceeds going towards the Yemen Children's Crisis.

UNICEF Movie Night, 28/4/21

Many spot prizes were available for those who bought tickets: a two-person ticket for the Monarch Wildlife Cruise, two Governor's Cafe vouchers, Countdown gift cards, a University Bookshop voucher, Chatime vouchers and Rob Roy ice cream vouchers.

UNICEF Movie Night, 28/4/21

Well done to Niamh for her expert organisation of the fundraiser. The College was delighted to host the event.

For more information about UNICEF, visit https://www.unicef.org.nz/ or search 'UNICEF Students Otago' on Facebook.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

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Posted: Sunday May 2, 2021