Spanish Fiesta

First-year Reps, Imali de Silva and Benji Klipin, organised a fantastic Spanish-themed dinner on Saturday night, 8 May 2021.

Hola amigos & amigas 👋 Imali and I are excited to announce the theme of this weekend's Themed Dinner: Spanish Fiesta 🇪🇸

From 5:15 onwards on Saturday night, come join us for some muy bueno Spanish food and fiesta vibes. Dress up if you like but no pressure, the night is exclusively for your pleasure. With your plate, take a seat at your leisure: at the table, the beanbags or the blanketed floor - wherever.

A special live performance of piano Flamenco, shall mark the nights end in funky crescendo.

So come say ‘hola’ this Saturday night and then adios as you leave with delight.

Posted: Monday May 10, 2021