Trophy winners for 2021

At the College's recent Valedictory Dinner, 51 trophies were awarded in recognition of their respective achievements and contributions to the College during 2021.

The following trophies, each engraved with the winner’s name and accompanied by a certificate, were awarded at the College'’s Valedictory Celebration held on 9 October 2021.

The College's recently appointed Dean of Students, Jill Spencer, kindly presented the trophies to the winning Members after which they each posed for a photo with her (see accompanying photos).

  • All-Round Contribution to the College Community: Ella Green
  • Alumni Cup for Academic Achievement: Amy Choi & Rhea Bhide
  • Animal Welfare Trophy: Nupur Mohini
  • Barbara Duncan Trophy for Special Service: Grace Swanson
  •  Burton Trophy for Excellence: Maria Costas
  • Christopher Clarke Trophy for Debating And Public Speaking: Samuel Blackwood
  • Citizen of the Year: Imali De Silva
  • Collegiality Trophy: Daile Matabilas
  • Collyns Hutton Truman Award for ‘The Vibe’: Tyler Grossett
  • Communication Cup: Antonia Martin
  • Community Cup: Luke Stedman
  • The Graduates Association Community Relations Cup: Julia Tan
  • Cultural Cup: Erin Ting
  • The Duncan Disce Pati Award for Resilience: Meg Barnes
  • E. Luke Luk Trophy for Hard Academic Work: Samuel Blackwood
  • Evans-Ridley Award for Music: Matthew Tait
  • Evelyn And Pat Norris Memorial Mentoring Trophy: Daniel Yee
  • Floor Contribution Trophy: Chelsea Laing
  •  Haydon-Sahng Cup for House Contribution: Rania Al Jebori
  • Initiative Cup: Dante Fouché
  • Isabelle Burton Trophy for First Year Contribution: Benji Klipin
  • Isabelle Burton Trophy for Style and Fashion: Tilly Surrey
  • John Hughes Cup for Academic Effort: Zi Lin
  • John Hughes Cup for Outstanding Academic Effort: Yuxin Li
  • Leadership in the College Community: Tristan Mendoza
  • Leadership Trophy: Rida Fatma
  • Likhit Dukkipati Award for Returner of the Year: Jasmina Singh
  • Manaakitanga Cup: Jack Clerke
  • Matthews McKay Award for Public Service: Ryan Zhao
  • Marian Simms Cup for Citizen Responsibility (1 of 2 trophies): Jenny Bahng
  • Marian Simms Cup for Citizen Responsibility (2 of 2 trophies): Celeste Newsome
  • Marian Simms Cup for Women In Leadership: Isabel Bugden
  • Maxwell Burton Mentoring Trophy: Faith Araba
  • Neville Emslie Trophy for Humanities: Leeban Kim
  • Paul Van Wijngaarden Memorial Trophy for All Round Excellence: Patrick Topp
  • Personal Growth Award: Emily Liken
  • Peter Leggat Trophy for Excellence in Sporting and Academic Achievements: Antonia Martin
  • Play Group Pacifier Cup: Arthur Chia
  • Ray Leach Memorial Southern Gentleman Trophy: Kleff Tan
  • Reilly Award for Maori/Pacific Island Achievement: Jazper Higgs
  • Robert Wilson Squash Cup: Ibrahim Hamidah & Dylan Vanuffelen
  • Rosslyn Gallery Cup for Artistic Excellence: Brooke Webber
  • Sallis Cup for Outstanding Contribution to Student Welfare: College Leaders 2021
  • Service to the College Community (1 of 2 trophies): Ben Carson
  • Service to the College Community (2 of 2 trophies): Lara Seaton
  • Spirit of Southgate: Ashutosh Mohan
  • Sportsman of The Year: Gagan Singh
  • Sportswoman of The Year: Alice Paton
  • Sundaresan Community Contribution and Academic Excellence Trophy: Hank Lin
  • The Yeah Award for Enthusiasm: Aaron Hewson
  • Vincent George Trophy for Outstanding Service: Mark Li

The College warmly congratulates the trophy winners for 2021 and thanks them for their respective contributions to the College during the year.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Monday October 18, 2021