The special characteristics of St Margaret's

The Master, Dr Charles Tustin, is often asked by prospective students and their parents when they tour the College about what makes the College special. Here are some of the aspects he highlights when answering the question.

  • A friendly and welcoming place with a strong sense of belonging. The students (who are referred to as Members - they belong here) are genuinely nice, polite, considerate and courteous.
  • Just the right size (224 rooms)! Not too many students and not too few.  It makes for a great community of like-minded young people.
  • A quieter college with an academic focus, and an excellent tutorial system (not to be underestimated!).
  • Many returning students each year, including 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th year students, i.e. they like the College! But returners also play a key role in maintaining the College's healthy culture from year to year, add a level of maturity, act as role models, and mentor our 1st year students.
  • 11 College Leaders (one on each floor) who, among other things, provide excellent pastoral care and floor activities for students. The College Leaders are all returning St Margaret's Members and are carefully selected and trained for their leadership role.
  • Plenty of social and fun activities, organised by the elected Members' Executive Committee who are all returning Members except for two 1st year representatives.
  • Best location ever! Right on the campus.
  • Best food ever! This includes hot breakfasts each morning, a baked item at lunch each day, and dessert every single night of the week.
  • Regular Sunday Formal Dinners to which academics and others from the community are invited, allowing students an opportunity to learn about career pathways and disciplines other than their own.
  • Weekly Expert Breakfasts where guest experts speak about their various areas of expertise.
  • Wonderfully warm rooms!
  • Great bathrooms, all of which are private. No rows of showers or hand-basins!
  • Fully equipped kitchens on each floor should you wish to bake or cook or make a hot drink. Each kitchen also has a table, chairs and a noticeboard, and acts as a floor meeting/social space.
  • A vibrant cultural environment with plenty of opportunities to debate, do art, play music, read books, etc. We also have a choir.
  • Plenty of opportunities to grow and develop as a person.
  • Helpful and friendly staff, as you would expect!
  • Our core values which we call the three Cs: Courtesy; Consideration for others; and Common sense.
  • Study. Comfort. Friends. Fun. Grow. That's St Margaret's for you!
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Posted: Thursday July 28, 2022