Exec President takes second place in Art Competition

The College congratulates the Executive President, Remin (Remy) Reji Mathew, in winning second place in both the painting and other sections of the 2020 Inter-college Art Competition today.

Remy's painting, entitled Hope, is an amazing piece of art, and something he drew from memory of a scene he remembers seeing in the Netherlands as a young boy.

Inter-college Art Competition, 19/7/20

Remy writes as follows about the painting:

''I have put a lot of love and effort into this piece, adding lots of texture and colour, light, and shadow. I have used my pallet, knives, brush and scratching objects as well. I did this artwork during quarantine, hence the name 'Hope'.

Hoping for a better tomorrow, the world waited and created new ways of living and completely healed the earth, just as they were healed. The realisation came that I am here to give colour to the world even though life can be gloomy sometimes. I wanted to create a big bright colourful painting of a landscape full of happiness and vibrant energy, which will be my home one day."

Your painting certainly brightens the world, Remy. Congratulations on being placed second in the competition!

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

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Posted: Sunday July 19, 2020