Volleyball teams show great form

The University's Inter-college Competition is in full swing this semester and St Margaret's Members are getting right behind it.

From winning the Badminton Tournament a couple of weeks ago to doing exceedingly well in last Saturday's Volleyball Tournament, Members are thoroughly enjoying the opportunities to have some fun and let off some steam now that sporting activities have resumed post-lockdown.

Volleyball warm-up on the College's tennis court

With four different venue locations and five courts being play on throughout the day, the one-day Volleyball Tournament was well-subscribed by all the colleges. In fact, 32 teams participated and games were scheduled every half hour starting at 9:00 am and ending at 4:30 pm. Each team played four games.

Team 2 shows how it's done, 18/7/20

St Margaret's entered two extremely enthusiastic and energetic teams, both playing very well and showing great sportsmanship, the latter being remarked on by the tournament organiser. The teams did the College proud! Team 2 won all four of their games (congratulations!) accumulating 23 tournament points and 8 podium points for the College. Team 1 were awarded 6 tournament points and 3 podium points.

Team 1 gets ready to serve against Abbey College, 18/7/20

Thanks so much to the teams for participating in the tournament and doing so well.

Thanks for a good game, Cumberland College (in red), 18/7/20

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

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Posted: Wednesday July 22, 2020