St Margaret's or the Olympic Village?

The Members' Executive hosted a fantastic ‘Olympics’ themed dinner on Sunday evening.

On Sunday evening, the Norris Dining Hall was transformed into an Olympic stadium for our first themed dinner this academic year.

Olympics Themed Dinner — Image by: George Connolly

As Members entered through the Atrium, a photo shoot was set up as a press conference. They then started on the running track that led them to the servery. 

Press Conference — Image by: George Connolly
A running track went around the Dining Hall — Image by: George Connolly

Our kitchen staff put on a delicious meal that was enjoyed by all. 

Dessert — Image by: George Connolly

In the main Hall, the walls were decorated with international flags and our St Margaret’s football shirts were hung from the pillars. Tables were arranged with social distancing in mind, in large circles to give the effect of an Olympic arena.

Norris Dining Hall is set up for the Olympics Themed Dinner — Image by: George Connolly

Members dressed in sports uniforms and active wear. Some even bought along sporting equipment as props – boxing gloves, badminton rackets, and rugby balls all made an appearance.

Members dressed up for the occasion — Image by: George Connolly

The Members' Executive held the event to provide Members with a fun study break as we get closer to examinations. It was a fantastic evening and the College thanks them for hosting such a wonderful event.

(Story by the Dean of Students, George Connolly)

Posted: Tuesday May 26, 2020