A warm welcome to St Margaret's

On behalf of the College’s Council, Staff and Fellows, it is my great pleasure as the Master of St Margaret’s College to welcome you – whether a new or returning Member – to the St Margaret’s College community for 2022.

St Margaret’s is much more than merely a place where you will sleep and eat.

We are a community of caring and supportive people, and we provide many opportunities for our Members to develop their potential during their time at the College.

While the young people who reside here are students of the University, they are Members of our College, not merely a resident or a room number.

A Member belongs – you are joining our community.

Our strength lies in the incredible diversity of our Members – from their cultures, religious traditions, areas of study, orientations, home regions and countries of birth. We embrace and celebrate these differences within our wonderful community.

Although we are privileged to enjoy lovely buildings, gardens and facilities, what really makes the College so special and different are the people.

The smiles in the corridors, the conversations at the dinner table, the camaraderie of weekend sport, the hot chocolate in the Atrium with friends, the mentoring provided by our Returning Members, the joke shared with a Housekeeper.

Our people make St Margaret’s a very special place to belong to. You are very welcome here.

Kind regards

Dr Charles Tustin (Master)

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Posted: Saturday January 29, 2022