Cultural, sport, and social


St Margaret's College has a proud tradition of cultural achievement.

We compete annually with Salmond and Studholme Colleges for the Iona trophy. In its long history, we have won it more times than anyone else! We compete for it through debating, choir, and public speaking.

The College's choir is of a very high standard, and is often asked by the University's Chaplain to perform for graduation thanksgiving ceremonies.

Our Sunday Formal Dinners provide a wonderful opportunity for the musicians amongst us to entertain the College with their talent.

The University’s Inter-college Cultural Competition runs throughout the year and provides many opportunities for Members to participate in different types of activities

The Otago University Students Association (OUSA) also provides a huge variety of clubs and societies for you to join. You certainly won’t be bored!


In the sporting arena we contest for the Southgate trophy with Salmond and Studholme Colleges, and we participate in the University’s Inter-college Sporting Competition in a variety of sports, for example soccer (mens and womens), volleyball, netball and cricket.

During Orientation Week, the entire College participates in the fun Inter-college Sports Day.

Often Members of the College will organise social sports teams, and of course you can also get involved with University and community club sports.

The College has a tennis court for Members to enjoy. It also doubles as a basketball or netball court or backyard cricket ground.

UniPol, the University's well-equipped gym and recreation centre, is just a five-minute walk from the College and is free to use for all University students.


While the highlight of the St Margaret's social calendar is without a doubt the annual ball, the College is full of social events throughout the year, with various theme dinners, floor skits evening (not to be missed), sock tag, mystery bus tour and a ski trip to name a few.

Each floor also organises their own social get-togethers such as pizza and movie nights, dessert evenings, laser-force, 10-pin bowling, quiz nights, and inter-floor competitions. Members also enjoy celebrating fellow floor Members' birthdays by baking cakes (some better presented than others - but always delicious!).