St Margaret’s College has an excellent team of qualified chefs and kitchen staff who prepare three square meals a day. The quality and variety of food on offer is amazing!

The menu follows a six-week cycle, which is periodically reviewed by a committee of Members and staff to ensure that everyone is happy. You will be hard pressed to find better food at any other College in the country.

At breakfast you are spoiled for choice with 10 cereals, porridge, fruit, yoghurt, many different breads (including on occasion fruit loaf, crumpets and English muffins), as well as a number of cooked items such as baked beans, eggs (scrambled and poached), hash browns, sausages, tomatoes, spaghetti, sauteed mushrooms and even pancakes!

Lunch offers an extensive salad bar along with a cooked item, and for those who are still hungry a toasted sandwich maker is available. Packed lunches are made available in the morning if you are unlucky enough to have a class over the lunch hour.

For dinner there are two main items (a least one of will carry the Heart Foundation tick), and a vegetarian dish. Of course no meal is complete without a tasty dessert, sometimes even employing the College’s own soft serve ice-cream machine. While no vegan choice is offered, please do contact the College about gluten free and lactose intolerant choices, as these may be arranged ahead of time.

During the year a number of special theme dinners (for example a Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner in July) are also held, and of course our regular Sunday Formal Dinners.