Otago Entrance Scholarships

Members who have received an Otago Entrance scholarship which provides an accommodation fee waiver can use these funds to pay for St Margaret's College accommodation fees in their first year of study only. The College will liaise with the University to arrange for the transfer of scholarship funds to the Member's fees account. Please see the fees page for how to pay when the accommodation fees waiver is for less than the Member's total fees for the year.

Note that not all scholarships provide an accommodation fee waiver. The recipient's scholarship offer letter will explain the terms of their specific scholarship.

Centenary Scholarship Fund

The St Margaret's College Centenary Scholarship fund is available to prospective and current members who are experiencing financial difficulty, to support the affordability of accommodation fees for those wishing to reside in or return to St Margaret’s College. Full details of the scholarship are available in the document linked to the right. Please complete our online form to apply for this scholarship.