All Members belong to our Members’ Association, which promotes the sporting, cultural and social life of the College and acts as a liaison group between Members and Staff.

On behalf of the Association, an elected Member's Executive Committee (usually referred to as the Exec) organise the College’s social calendar for the year, including arranging orientation week activities, the annual ball, sports events, cultural events, Sunday dinner music performances, theme dinners, floor competitions, the canteen, etc.

The Exec plays an important role, as the functions they arrange bring the College together and help make St Margaret’s a vibrant community.

Anabel Louie


Jojo Ngu

Vice President

Jenny Bahng


Jung Woo Yi


Ajani Grimstrup

Arts Rep

Jatin Kalra

Cultural Rep

Alan Zhu

Food Rep

Genelle Ventura

Social Rep

Toby Ingold

Sports Rep