We value our alumni and welcome their ongoing connection with the College. If any alumni would like to visit the College, you are very welcome to pop in, say hello, have a look around and have a cup of coffee or tea with us. 

In preparation for our centennial celebrations in 2011, we were very privileged and grateful that alumnus Susannah Grant undertook a huge project to write the history of the College. Published in 2010, Susannah’s book (see below href to anchor #book) traces our story from its origins as Dunedin’s first hall of residence for women, opening in 1911 with just three students, to its role as a co-educational College catering for over 200 male and female residents. Though the physical and social structures comprising the College have changed and evolved over time, the founders’ core vision of a nurturing community for young university students has remained.

Susannah herself arrived at the College as a first-year resident in 1995 and stayed on for the next two years as a Welfare Staff member. Her family has had an ongoing connection with the College, beginning in 1934 with Susannah’s grandmother, Ailie Baird. Her brother, Daniel, was a resident and member of the Student Executive, and her sister Rosalind was a resident, and then a Welfare Staff member. Susannah met her husband Shaun at the College.

Many others will also have strong connections with, or memories of, their home away from home while a student at the University of Otago. Our alumni now number in the hundreds and are located all over the country and the world in many occupations and endeavours.

What do you remember most vividly about life at St Margaret’s? Gather your memories, grab a pen (or a keyboard) and jot down your thoughts about the lifestyle, the food, the rules, the staff, the buildings and grounds, sporting and cultural events, social life in and out of College, academic support - anything and everything. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us by clicking here.

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Centennial Book

The centennial book of the College’s history is titled “Vision for the Future. A Centennial History of St Margaret’s College, Dunedin. 1911 - 2011”. Please contact us if you would like to a copy.

History of St Margarets Book Cover

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