Master's welcome

Welcome to St Margaret’s College! Thank you very much for visiting our website.

In keeping with the College’s motto of "altiora in votis" or "set your heart on higher things”, we endeavour to provide excellent facilities, a friendly atmosphere and a caring and respectful community so that our student Members can thrive in their studies, make wonderful friends, have healthy fun, and develop as an individual and a contributing member of society.

As a College, rather than a hostel or a boarding house or a hall of residence, we place great emphasis on community living and developing the whole person. Certainly, the physical needs of our Members receive ample attention (for example, comfortable and warm rooms, good bathrooms, study and common spaces, great food – hot breakfasts every day) but we also offer many opportunities for Members to participate in a large variety of cultural, social and sport activities. And very importantly, we provide tutorials and mentors to support Members’ academic studies.

The staff of the College are dedicated to ensuring that our Members’ times as students will be immensely enjoyable, successful and safe. Our aim is that Members will find at the College all the comforts and care that they have had from their own families.

I invite you to explore the various pages on our website. As you do so, I feel sure you will develop an excellent understanding of what makes us tick as a College which will assist your decision about whether to select St Margaret’s as the College of your first choice. You are also very welcome to contact us should you have any queries.

Thank you again for your time as you browse our pages and learn about St Margaret’s College.

Best wishes

Dr Charles Tustin