New Fellows appointed

The Council of St Margaret's College is pleased to announce the appointment of three new Fellows of the College.

The new Fellows, appointed in September 2018, are:

  • Prof Takashi Shogimen, Head, Department of History and Art History (pictured left)
  • Dr Jon Cornwall, Education Adviser in the Centre for Early Learning in Medicine (ELM) programme of the Otago Medical School (pictured in the centre)
  • Dr John Heydon, GP/Occupational Physician/University Doctor (pictured right)

Our three new Fellows are all Dunedin-based and join our other 61 Fellows, some of whom are in Dunedin and some in different parts of the country and world. The College is well-served and enriched with Fellows from different occupations, disciplines, genders and locations.

Fellows of St Margaret's are a very important part of the wider College community as they serve as good role models through their engagement and interaction with Members, participation in College events from time to time, and the example they set by virtue of their respective careers.

The College congratulates Prof Shogimen, Dr Cornwall and Dr Heydon on their appointment and warmly welcomes them as Fellows. Members can look forward to the  contributions of our new Fellows to the life of the College community in the months and years to come.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

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Posted: Tuesday September 11, 2018