Welcome to St Margaret's College

Congratulations on your acceptance to St Margaret’s College! We would like to welcome you to our home away from home and we look forward to getting to know you over the coming year.

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself and the rest of the Student Executive for 2020. The Exec is a team of enthusiastic returning residents, here to run multiple amazing activities and provide support and comfort to students during their time at St Margaret’s College. The team will also be joined by two first-year reps, who will be elected at the start of 2020.

Moving away from home can be daunting, which is why the Student Exec will be here to help you integrate into college life, make life-long friendships and make the most of your year. Throughout the year, there’ll be tonnes of events organized by the OUSA (Otago University Students’ Association) and your Student Exec. Some of the events the Exec run include the Amazing Race, Beach trip, Sock Tag, the Annual Toga Dinner, Mystery Bus trip, Ski trip, Ice skating trip, and Sports day (don’t forget your football boots!).

So, do I have any advice for you? Yes! I would recommend that you bring an old sheet from home for your Toga. It would also be helpful to bring random bits and pieces suitable for themed dinners. Also, as you’ll be living here all year, you may like to bring things from home to decorate your room with, such as photos to put on your pinboard, your own duvet cover, perhaps posters to stick up on your wall, or maybe even fairy lights.

One last bit of advice: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, whether that means participating in college events, making new friends or trying new foods. Rest assured, every day people will surprise you with their thoughtfulness and kindness. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stay so far and I know you will too!

It’s going to be a great year and we’re excited to meet you all - see you soon!

Remin Reji Mathew

St Margaret’s College
Student Executive President 2020

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Posted: Tuesday October 8, 2019