Ready to go!

The 13 College Leaders and 9 Members of this year’s Executive Committee have been hard at work getting ready for the arrival of the College’s Members on Saturday, 15 February.

And while there has been a large amount of serious learning by all over the past few weeks of training, there have also been plenty of opportunities for fun, humour and team bonding. Last Sunday evening, a great time was held at Dunedin’s Bowl Line where six teams of four competed against each other.

The energy, excitement and enthusiasm amongst these 22 wonderful young people is palpable; it’s wonderful to see and experience. The College is deeply appreciative of their amazing efforts in helping to prepare the College for the new academic year.

Hear more below from Members of our Student Executive and College Leader team: 

Dineth Rajapakse - College Leader, Thorpe House

On behalf of the College Leaders, we are very excited for your arrival. In preparation we have been busy working on making sure the College and ourselves are fit for the year ahead. Our training has included a series of wellbeing workshops, admin-based meetings, and strength-building sessions. We were lucky enough to spend a week in Wanaka together and enjoyed activities from freezing lake swims, to team discussions on topics including professionalism and formal dinner etiquette. As a team, we have gotten to bond together and develop ourselves, and we are fizzing to get to meet you all and get to know you as our members!

Elisia Teo and Jessica Ruck - Members of the Student Executive 

The Student Executive has been working hard for everyone's arrival at St Margaret’s. Throughout the past couple of weeks, the team has spent hours training and preparing fun events for Orientation Week, such as Floor Olympics and Quiz Night. Every executive member has their own role that they have been working on during the summer and we can’t wait to show our fellow members what we have in store for 2020!

We are all looking forward to welcoming the College’s 224 Members on Saturday.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

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Posted: Wednesday February 12, 2020