Welcome to St Margaret's College

A huge congratulations on your acceptance to St. Margaret’s College! On behalf of the Members' Executive, I warmly welcome you to your home away from home. We are all patiently waiting for your arrival and are excited to meet you.

The Members’ Executive (the Exec) are a group of nine elected eager and friendly returning College Members. Early into semester one we will be joined by two first-year reps. Could this be you? Our job is to make sure each and every member has a great time here at the College by both organising activities and supporting you throughout your journey through the first year of university.

For everyone, moving away from home is a challenge. The Exec and OUSA (Otago University Students’ Association) will be hosting many events throughout the year. Examples of few things the Exec run is the Amazing Race, a beach trip, sock tag, the Mystery Bus Trip, a ski trip, the Annual Toga Dinner, college ball, a spicy noodle challenge, and Sports Day! While having fun, you will also integrate into life at the College and form life-long friendships. The Exec’s goal is for you to make the most out of your first year at university.

From my experience, here are a few things you should definitely bring with you:

  • An instrument (if you play one).
  • Some sports gear such as a basketball, football boots, or shin pads. We have a combined tennis and basketball court at the College, and play many sports in the inter-college competitions.
  • A pack of cards or UNO.
  • An old white sheet for Toga.
  • Some bits and bobs for the themed dinners we will have throughout the year.
  • You will be here for most of the year, so bring a few things from home to decorate your room with such as a duvet cover, posters, and pictures.

For many of us being at the college is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So I urge you to make the most of this year and become an active member in the heart of the College - the community. Turn your back on your comfort zone. Participate in college events, talk to new people, and say yes.

We can’t wait to meet you! Bring on 2021!

Rida Fatma
St Margaret’s College Members’ Association Executive Committee President 2021

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Posted: Wednesday October 7, 2020