Brighton here we come

A visit to the beach is a must before the arrival of the cooler months...

Sunday, 3 April was a beautifully sunny and warm day, perfect for the College's annual beach outing.

And rather than the usual Dunedin go-to beach of St Clair, the almost 100 Members who signed up for the event were treated to a trip a little further south, to the delightful Brighton beach.

Brighton Beach Trip, 3/4/22 — Image by: Aaron Hewson

Brighton Beach Trip, 3/4/22

Ably organised by the Vice-President of the Members' Association Executive Committee, Benji Klipin, Members thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours on the beach and in the water. The temperature was around 22, the breeze was hardly detectable, and there was not much cloud cover. How much better does it get?

Brighton Beach Trip, 3/4/22

Out came the volleyball net, cricket stumps, balls and water pistols. Members swam, had a walk around, spectated, posed or enjoyed a game or two.

Brighton Beach Trip, 3/4/22

Just what the doctor ordered after a busy first six weeks of the semester.

Brighton Beach Trip, 3/4/22

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Posted: Monday April 4, 2022