Plenty of sport at St Margaret's

It is wonderful to see so many of the College's Members taking part in a variety of sports this year, including in the Inter-college Sports Competition.

From cricket to badminton to football to volleyball to tug of war, the College's Members are really getting involved into sport this year, unencumbered by any Covid-19 restrictions given that the country is operating in Alert Level 1 at present.

The first sporting event of the year was Sports Day during Orientation Week which involved all of the University's residential colleges taking part in a variety of sports at the Logan Park sports ground, just a short walk from the University campus.

Sports Day, 23/2/21 — Image by: Dr Charles Tustin

The College's Executive Committee did a fantastic job organising around 200 young people into various teams for the afternoon of sport, with Members participating enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. The weather played ball and a fun-filled afternoon was enjoyed by all, interspersed with refreshing ice-blocks provided by the College.

Sports Day, 23/2/21 — Image by: Dr Charles Tustin
Sports Day, 23/2/21 — Image by: Dr Charles Tustin

Once the academic year got underway on 1 March, the Inter-college Sports Competition started up with the cricket festival on Sunday, 7 March, followed by rowing on 14 March, badminton on 20 March (which the College won for the third successive year) and football on 21 March (our women's team achieved fourth place).

Cricket Festival, 7/3/21 — Image by: Dr Charles Tustin

Rowing festival, 14/3/21
Badminton Festival, 20/3/21 — Image by: Dr Charles Tustin

Here's a short video of the football teams warming up for their games on 21 March.

Football Warm-up Mark Li

Coming up in the first semester are futsal and netball which are six-week competitions rather than just day festivals. Members are are already signing up for these events and we look forward to supporting them.

As Members will know, physical exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy balance as are sleep, socialising with friends and studying. The Inter-college Sports Competition certainly assists with a good routine!

Enjoy the photo gallery which contains evidence of the sport enjoyed over the last few weeks.

(Story by the Master, Dr Charles Tustin)

Video Gallery

Posted: Tuesday March 23, 2021